The 2013 reissue of my 1999 quiz book, available in print or as an e-book.

And You Thought You Knew Classic Movies!

Sample quiz categories: Match the unsavory Barbara Stanwyck situation to the film in which it appears; Match the nonblond actress to the film for which she became a blond; Match the singer to the film for which he/​she provided the singing voice for the title tune; Match the film about World War II to the country in which it is primarily set; Match the cigarette-related event to the film in which it appears.

Sample quiz questions: Can you recall the last names of LAURA, SABRINA, MARNIE and LILI? Which 1930s classic features a character named Oliver Stone? What star (not Humphrey Bogart) is the top-billed male in DEAD END? Katharine Hepburn stars in what play at the end of STAGE DOOR? For what film does Judy Garland win her Oscar in A STAR IS BORN? Name the film in which a cigarette is put out in a nun's hand. Which then-unknown later-famous director was a bit player in THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES?

Pauline Kael said, "It's like a Christmas stocking full of surprises. This is the smartest movie quiz book I've ever seen."

"...not buying AND YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW CLASSIC MOVIES means you'd be missing out on a really splendid book, written by a tried-and-true movie fan who knows his subject and knows it bloody well."

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Published in November, 2010, it focuses on 11 actors who appear in more than one Williams movie, forming an unofficial stock company of actors.
”A valuable and touching work.”
- Adolph Green.
“This is the smartest movie quiz book I’ve ever seen.”
- Pauline Kael